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The Business of Being Born

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What a mind blowing movie. I had never thought of birth as something so, so, complicated. From the pros and cons of hospital births to the good and bad of home births this video showed the realities of birth. Not just the bad side of horrible mistakes or unplanned complications was shown. The natural beauty of a woman giving birth in her own home with a woman more than apt to oversee this birth was extremely empowering. The video says it right; “American women have been taught that they do not know how to give birth.” But really, is it the doctors telling us we don’t know how just so they can receive a bigger paycheck or make rash unnecessary decisions for us? This movie definitely showed this as a possibility.

I personally had never even considered an at home birth as I have always heard from everyone how painful child birth is. However, this documentary totally changed my perspective. I would most definitely consider a natural birth now. As was shown, homebirths provide a more humanized birthing experience; a more emotional, bonding experience. In fact, the documentary truly only gave two reasons for going to birth in a hospital. One: the ability of fetal monitoring and Two: in case of abnormal or dangerous side effects of giving birth. In fact, more evidence was shown against hospital birth. It seems as though doctors will do anything including using drugs that can cause the blood and oxygen levels of the baby to be diminished.


I was also very shocked about the number of women who are getting cesarean sections. I personally believe, and many doctors back me up with medical evidence that cesareans should not be given unless it is absolutely medically necessary. With the “too posh to push” movement sweeping the country, America is the number one country for cesarean births. Should doctors really be giving c-sections, which by the way is a major surgery, to women just so they will not have to have a vaginal birth? I do not in any way think this is right.


Honestly, how have the American people gone from ninety percent to now one percent births in the home in just a little over one hundred years. Yes, many can say we have advanced in medical technology so there is no need to have a child outside of the hospital environment, but after watching this documentary, it seems that a hospital is the last place I want to be while I am giving birth. With all the potentially dangerous drugs and unnecessary interventions by doctors, I can see much more negative than positive in this.


In conclusion, I absolutely loved this documentary. Every woman who wants to be a mother should see this. It gave me a completely different view on giving birth and the different options I do have when I decide to bear children. I am sure that most American women are just like me, they have no idea the true horrors of hospital birthing rooms versus a comfortable, natural, at-home birth. The possibilities are endless. The American women need to be shown, they CAN give a natural birth.


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