Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Dancing Toward Freedom/ Brooks

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Dancing Toward Freedom is about how women are discriminated against in a strip club, Lusty Lady. A black dancer has a problem with all the white women getting most of the attention from the men. They are getting payed more becuause of their popularity, but she feels that no one cares about the different race of dancers that are there. She writes a petition about how black dancers don’t perform in the booths as often as other dancers and she felt that something needed to be done about that. What lead her to write the petition was that one of the white dancers wrote a petition to be payed more. She feels that her freedom in the work place will always be limited by white supremacy and wants to change that.

This article made me think about how women are looked at differently because of the color of their skin. It upset me that even in a strip club there is discrimination of women. Society has the idea implanted in their heads that the skinny white woman with the perky breast and flat stomachs is the ideal look of a woman and this is the problem with our society today. White women have a better chance at things, such as in this article, than other races. I felt where the black stripper was coming from when the white stipper wrote a petition to get payed more. That made me feel like she was trying to be greedy and that she thought she was better so she should get payed more. NO! Why not be satisfied with what your pay is already? Its already unfair that you get me attention than dancers of other races. But then you can’t blame the women too much, it’s the men that look at women that way. Men are the main ones degrading women. It’s as if men tend to stick wiht their race. If you’re not white, then I don’t want a dance, that’s what it seemed to me.


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