Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Dancing Toward Freedom – Brooks

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In Brooks’ article Dancing Toward Freedom,  she brings new ideas about black women in the workplace submitting to white supremacy. Often times, this goes unnoticed and black women are silenced because they should simply “be thankful they have the opportunity.” When any complaint arises, it is repealed by declaring that it’s just the way things are. Brooks begs to differ, though. She sees a change that should be made regarding black women in the workplace.

Through her experience working as an erotic dancer, she felt empowered. She loved being in front of men and women dancing her heart out. At the beginning, everything was perfect and she was satisfied with her job choice. Then she began to see the passive racism setting in. She was judged for her skin color by the attenders of the club indirectly. They would ignore her and not ask her for any private performances, but they would treat the whites very favorably. It’s amazing to see such a difference even today; will we ever overcome our racist ways as Americans?


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