Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Dancing Toward Freedom-Brooks

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This is article tells about the racial discrimination against black women in the stripping profession. It tells a personal account from Brooks’ life. One empowering thing from this article was that the strip club was managed by women who were previously dancers. I feel that the situation that Brooks was in was unfortunate but if there were men managers it would have been  a lot harder to fix the problem. Most people would consider stripping degrading but Brooks explains that she feels a sense of empowerment stripping. You can’t put someone down for getting an education and heading for a brighter future. I feel that stripping also gave her a confidence boost that may have helped her personality.

Brooks empowered me with her story because she saw a racial issue and solved the problem. Racial Segregation still occurs in the strip clubs but she bettered the situation for many others who will later work at the Lusty Lady. We each can learn from this lesson whether we are a teacher, waiter, stripper, post man, or fast food server. The lesson being “our situation is what we make of it.” I hope that if I am ever presented with a problem within my work I am able to voice my opinion and make changes like Brooks.

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