Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Dancing Toward Freedom

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In this article, Brooks tells of how she faced racism as a stripper. She talks about how white women were scheduled to work private viewing booths regularly, while women of color were not.

I really liked this article because I think it’s an excellent example of racism in today’s society. Many people tend to think racism (as well as sexism) has been “fixed”, but in many areas, it has not. I also think it’s great that she expressed how stripping was freeing for her and it made her feel more comfortable. I would blush bright red and probably vomit if I had to undress in front of anyone other than my partner, but I think for some (if they’re comfortable with it) stripping can be a great way to express one’s self. Another thing I enjoyed was that she fought for her rights and even though it didn’t turn out exactly like she wanted it to, she still realized that it takes time and that it was a step towards perfect equality.

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