Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Miss Representation

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This movie was everything that title describes it to be; a complete and total misrepresentation of the women in America. It is so sad, and ridiculous that women care so little about their morals that they will do whatever, and play whatever role in show business to get noticed and to be seen. Women who say stupid things and get naked on television given all the women who are classy and intelligent such a bad name. Another thing about this movie that bothered me was the fact that every man on it was saying how women do a great job at the roles they are assigned to, but really have no business getting involved in politics, or in any jobs that are for some reason considered a man’s job. We as women have to prove ourselves to be everything that these people are showing we aren’t. That’s a pretty hard thing to do when we can’t even get the whole female population on our side. It’s really stupid to me that these women can get on TV and say stupid things, get drunk, and get in a fight (yes, I’m talking about Jersey Shore) and make MILLIONS of dollars by humiliating themselves. Women will never get respect from people of this world if we don’t start giving it to ourselves first. 


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