Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

If Women Ran Hip Hop – Leon

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Aya de Leon’s article is basically a vision of what life would be like if women ran it. As we can see in the world now, it is a world for men. It is made to please men, satisfy men, and serve men. We see men as leaders of businesses and leaders of our country. Men are supposed to be understood as superior to a woman. A woman is just here to cook, clean, and serve the man, right? Well, Leon reveals her picture of how much better life would be with women running it. She says that there would be less bad vibes, counselors available, more of a peace among the human race, and women would “unleash their brilliance on the world.”

I agree with all of this! Things would be so much different in a positive way. One thing she said that really made me stop and think is, “Females would dress sexy if we wanted to celebrate our bodies, but it wouldn’t be that important because everyone would be paying attention to our minds anyway.” That would be so ideal. I don’t see it as a terrible thing if a woman wants to show a little skin or be a little more risqué than usual just because she’s proud of her body. BUT It is definitely demeaning to women if she does so in order to grab attention from a man or to disrespect herself. If you want to flaunt something you’ve worked hard for, I say go ahead! Power to women and their beautiful, unique bodies!


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