Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Pop Culture Gone Wild-Valenti

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This article talks about how sex is everywhere in today’s society. The author refers to it as “pornified”. She also states that it isn’t “sexy”, it’s sex.

I totally agree with this. Some would argue that women should be proud of their bodies and confident in who they are sexually. I agree. However, I think it’s sick that in our society a woman’s body is looked at as if it’s a piece of meat. Women’s bodies are marketed EVERYWHERE. If a company has something to sell, they get some greasy looking, half-naked blonde girl to hold the product and they’re done. I understand that sex sells, but it’s sad to me that men (and women) don’t have enough respect for a women’s sexuality to not plaster it all over a billboard, or in a commercial. To me, it’s just another way men have power over women.

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