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Deaths That Cry Out by Valdez

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This article by Diana Valdez  reports on the many brutal murders and rapes that have occurred in Mexico since 1993. Between 1993 and 2005 approximately 470 girls violently died in Juarez, Mexico. The United States even stepped in to investigate the murder cases. It’s never been proven but most think that the murders are all somehow related. Mexico’s government has refused to let the FBI to investigate further or follow up on leads. Though the government claims to have solved the crimes, they have also downplayed the crimes and their brutality and importance, and claimed that the crimes were exaggerated.

This article is ridiculous. It makes the government look like a sketchy joke full of bad cops and two faced officials. How can a country let 420+ girls be brutally murdered and not do anything nor solve the crimes? Whats even worse is the crimes were swept under the rug and prob never thought about. It’s crazy how much power the government has and how much power gangs and drug lords have over the government. Sort of seems like one big dangerous mess.


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