Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Deaths That Cry Out – Valdez

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“They were killed in various ways: strangled, stabbed, bludgeoned, shot to death.” This brutal sentence describes the murders of 470 girls in the city of Juarez, Mexico. But it wasn’t just that they were killed, they were BRUTALLY mutilated, raped, and killed. Valdez gives examples of some of the victims of this terrible crime: one girl was only twelve years old when she was abducted. Another victim’s right breast was severed and and her left breast mauled by human teeth. All of the crimes involved extreme violence and were overlooked by the government.

Valdez seems to recall this factual information with a sympathetic view toward the women who suffered in this evil crime. She says that Mexico’s government has refused to permit the FBI to investigate the murders directly. They are ignoring such a crime as murdering hundreds of girls and women! This is insane. In 2006, a final report was released regarding the issue of the Juarez women’s murders. It said the crimes were “vastly exaggerated, there were no serial murders, and family violence was the primary cause for them.” Ignoring that a problem exists definitely does not solve it.


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