Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Women and Leadership – Eagly & Carli

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This article by Eagly and Carli is about women’s role in leadership. We live in a “man’s world,” which means it works with man as the structure and foundation and woman only as an aid to the man. Most leaders are men; presidents, principals, officials, military generals… they all have a general manly stereotype associated with them. Women in leadership positions are usually not taken very seriously. This can really put a damper on their willingness to step up in their career. If women feel as though they will be ridiculed for “being a man” by taking a leadership role, they will usually just shy away. This is the sad truth of our workplace.

Eagly and Carli write that “there are many ways to remove barriers to women’s advancement.” The point out that hiring and promoting is not a simple matter; it is a combination of organizational practices interacting with market forces. But some specific policies and practices have a discriminatory impact on women. These discriminations to women should be avoided at all costs. Although stereotypes assume otherwise, women make wonderful well-rounded leaders.

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