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Deaths that Cry Out – Valdez

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This literally brought tears to my eyes. Reading the tragic, horrific rapes and deaths of young girls that seemingly was irrelevant to the Mexican authorities made my stomach turn. The murderer(s) was very skilled. They were able to snatch up these young girls and young women without anything being heard or seen. Turns out several of the murderers were high government officials in Mexico that the police force actually knew about but did nothing to stop. For the first time ever I read the word femicide while viewing this article. apparently it means the killing of women; a gender crime. In fact drug cartels, police, government officials, and even military personnel have all taken part in this mass murder of women in Mexico. They even tortured some men into confessing to the murders as to take the spotlight off of them. This ended with over a dozen men being jailed for murders they did not commit. Those who investigate the murders and try to divulge the truth get threatening calls with horrific background noises. Mexico has forbidden the FBI from investigating directly and even offered compensation to the families of the murdered girls as compensation for their silence. This is sickening. For a country to stand by and let hundreds of its women be brutally raped and slain is a travesty. What happened to human rights in this world? For people to just stand back and allow women to be slain is not right. I bet if this was hundreds of men things would be a little different.


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