Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Religion and Spirituality in Women’s Lives – Chapter 12

I was somewhat shocked when the differences in male and female roles in religion was brought about.  I never thought much about this because my home church has always been very open to female speakers and power positions. However, when I look at religion as a whole and the majority of Christian denominations, I see a lot of sexism. I can not believe I did not notice it before the discussion in class. I believe more women need to stand up for their religion and not let it hold them back. The purpose is to spread the word and works of your God or gods, women can do that too. Get out there and do your works ladies. Work for your religion don’t let it work you.


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Religion and Spirtuality in Women’s Lives/ Ch. 12

I really enjoyed this chapter and it was probably in my top 3 favorite subjects. I grew up going to church and never really noticed the roles that are played in the church until I entered this class. I think that it is really sad that I never realized any of the separated roles. I think it is ridiculous that things were and are the way they have been. I have never met a female preacher, nor will I think I ever will. Reading about the different religions also was very interesting because I have never studied into that and I was completely clueless. I thought it was absolutely absurd that in Israel some women will jump into a fire after their husband passes. A male would NEVER do that for his wife, and I must say I would never do it for my husband. I think it is crazy that they expect that from a wife. Sadly, I don’t think things are going to change much and if they do I believe it will be very difficult to make that change.

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Religion and Spirituality in Women’s Lives- Ch. 12

I have a big problem with this entire chapter. Women are constantly taught in church to be submissive to their husbands, and in most churches it is not ok to have  a woman who is the preacher. I really don’t understand why it makes a difference who is preaching the word of God as long as the message is being given to those who are learning about it! In my house there was never a question of whether or not my mother was going to make her own decisions. I had a lot of friends growing up who would ask their mother’s if they could do something or go some where and their answer would always be, “You’ll have to ask your dad.” I never understood why their fathers were in charge of making all the decisions when in my household my mother and father decided on most everything together. I think a lot of the reason why women think that they should hand over any decisions that need to be made over to their husband because they are not capable of deciding for themselves! Just because men have a different sex organ than we do doesn’t mean that we are inadequate and it really bothers me that even in the 21st century people don’t understand that! There is a HUGE difference between being religious and being controlled by the words of scripture that are being misconstrued by members of a church. If we aren’t equal in God’s eyes then I seriously don’t think there is any hope for women who are seeking equality in the eyes of men.

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Miss Representation

It is a shame that women and girls are put in a place where they are not worthy of powerful roles!  In this documentary “Miss Representation” it depicts the persona that women are not as capable or as powerful as men in the entertainment industry. This has shown that women are under acknowledged for their roles in films and television. It shows that women and girls tend to play the “dumb”, “sexy”, “nerdy” roles. This is a shame that still to this day women seem to get the crap end of the deal. This documentary has shown that men do think that women do great in the roles they are given but still do not see how they are being held back from opportunities. It seems that there needs to be someone to take a stand on this issue but there will always be this problem as long as some women out there is willing to accept any amount of money to portray herself as an idiot!

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Religion and Spirituality in Womes’s Lives/ Ch. 12

In this chapter the main idea is how women are not as important as men. The entire chapter talks about different instances that show women are not supposed to be as important throughout the church and religion. The thought that everyone is supposed to be equal in God’s eyes seems to be shattered by the way some religions interpret this theory. One minute everyone is equal and the next women are not able to be preachers in some church’s. It seems to me that religions are very condescending. I have always had a problem with most religions since they seem to contradict themselves every time you turn around. I believe everyone is equal and should have the same chances. Religion has brought down many people especially women! If you are a christian than you should believe in Jesus and go along with your life instead of worrying if a women preaches or how high of a pedestal they put their husband, GET OVER IT!

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Religion and Spirituality in Women’s lives

In this chapter, it talks about how religion plays a role in women’s lives. Women aren’t seen to be that important when it comes down to religion. In this section it states that men are seen to be a representation of God and women should worship them as if they are like God. It also says that women shouldn’t become preachers or teach the word because that is what the man is for. According to men, women should teach the young children, girls especially, how to behave in a religious way towards men.

I personally didn’t like this reading because it talks so much on how Men have more power in religion than women. In one section it says that women don’t have a huge part in the Bible. Whether this is true or not that doesn’t mean that women should be looked down upon just because they don’t have a major roles in the bible. I have seen plenty of women in control in a religious way and from my experience they were better then most of the men I seen as preachers and religious leaders. Women have the right to do whatever they want whether it’s religious or not and can do it as good or maybe even better.

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Deaths That Cry Out/ Diana Washington Valdez

This article briefly covers a mass femicide, gender murder, that has taken place in Juarez, Mexico. “They were killed in various ways: strangled, stabbed, bludgeoned, shot to death.” Valdez then goes on to review a few cases of some women and tell of how they had been raped and then dropped off the side of the road. “The pattern of brutal murders of women has spread to other parts of Mexico and Central America.”

What bothered me the most about this article, besides all of the murders, is that it hasn’t even been given proper attention in investigating. Mexico’s government has refused the FBI to investigate the murders directly. Also “in some cases the government offered the families compensation in exchange for their silence.” It is rumored that “the rampant violence perpetrated by the Carrillo Fuentes drug cartel…served to cloak powerful people who used the slayings to protect their economic interests.” In concluding the investigation the Mexican Federal Attorney General’s Office released that there wasn’t a mass homicide, that instead most were attributed to family violence. It seems to me that the Mexican government is corrupt and that they probably know who is responsible, but that arresting them is way too inconvenient. It bothers me that the women in these areas must fear for their and their daughter’s lives every day, and that women who have already died can’t receive justice.