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Deaths That Cry Out//Valdez

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This article discusses the tragic murders of approximately 470 young, adolescent girls in the city of Juarez, Mexico.  This article also explains why these murders happened and why no one has actually done anything to try and stop them.  In a little over ten years, almost five hundred girls were brutally murdered and raped. As more bodies were being found, the FBI began an investigation. The Presidents of the United States and of Mexico met on multiple occasions to discuss ways to try and stop these horrible crimes, but there has been nothing done. There is suspicion about who committed these murders, but there has not been any scientific proof. However, this might be because some of the killers have been paying the high ranking government officials in the Mexican government, so the police officers are not able to do anything.

This is what has bothered me the most about the murders in this article. The fact that there are people who would murder in such a way and people who will stand by and let it happen for a small fee. I base a lot of my knowledge of the world on television shows, and my most recent show of choice has been NCIS: Los Angeles. Situations similar to the ones talked about in this article happen on the show quite often. Many crimes that are committed cannot or will not be stopped because someone higher up has the power to shut down the operation. This bothers me greatly because many families will never have peace over the deaths of their daughters and will have to live in fear because something could happen to someone else in their family. And that is not okay.


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