Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Deaths That Cry Our/ Valdez

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This article describes the uncontrollable government and many problems that Mexico, particularly Juarez has had. Describing brutal murders of numerous women, that had been raped, stabbed, killed, just makes my skin crawl. Its disgusting to think that humans can treat other humans like this with no lack of remorse. And the fact of how corrupt the government and police force is in a place like this makes me grateful for where I live now and for never having to fear for my life walking out the door just for the pure fact that I am a woman. I do find this article interesting although it is not candy coated and is rather disturbing. The psychological aspect of why humans do this, and why men feel brutal towards women interests me and I looked up more things about these murders on Wikipedia and found that there were over 400 homicides speculated yet many residents and locals of the places suspect up to 5000 victims; most of the cases were unsolved and still are to this day. I think about these women and its sad, but its also sad because these women had families, brothers, sisters, best friends… and if most were unsolved, a feel of never getting closure must haunt these people daily and that’s saddening. The majority of the victimes, according to Wikipedia, were between the ages 12 and 22..
I also found an artist who recently did a line of work relating to these murders that is still a problem in these cities. Judithe Hernandez:


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