Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Deaths that cry out-Valdez

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This article is about the lack of government control of the brutal treatment towards Mexican women. This article was definitely hard to read because no one is doing anything to make the situation better. The corrupt Mexican government is the reason there is nothing being done. In Juarez, Mexico it seems that the government is simply ran by the drug cartel.  As long as government officials are getting paid, they don’t really care about the rest. We all know that violence against women is not only in Mexico but everywhere, even in the United States and if we don’t stop criminals and government officials it will continually get worse. The government should be finding ways to make women in their country feel more safe and protected. The brutal crimes on women should be handled the same if it were a man, not kicked under the rug.


Between 1993 and 2005 approximately 470 girls and women died violently in Juarez, Mexico-far more than the 379 deaths the Mexican Federal Attorney General reported for that period.

This statistic shows the lack of action the Mexican Government has made towards decreasing the number of violent women deaths. Without government interference Mexican women will all have to live in fear.


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