Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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If Women Ran Hip Hop / Aya de Leon

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     In her article, Leon tells us of what the hip hop industry would be like if ran by women. If women ran hip hop, it would no longer be so degrading towards women (obviously), shows would be held all day and open to people of all ages “because the economy of hip-hop wouldn’t revolve around the sale of alcohol”, it would be a cleaner environment, there would be sober transportation home, child care available, counselors available, and no shootings! Leon basically summarizes the fact that: if given the care of a woman, or women, the world of hip hop would be a better place.
     I agree with most of her claims, however unfortunately I’ve only been exposed to the world of hip hop ran by men. I would LOVE to see more women artists in the genre. I would also like to think that a safer, more open-minded world could exist. But all I have known and come to associate with “Hip Hop” is what it is today, run by men, for men. What stayed with me though was the last few lines, which made me take on an entirely different outlook. Women SHOULD be more influential in hip hop, should take a stand, put the brakes on the emphasis on ass and titties, and “unleash their brilliance on the world.”  🙂


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