Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Deaths That Cry Out / Diana Washington Valdez

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    In her manuscript, Valdez reports to us of the brutal slaying of approximately 470 girls and women in Juarez, Mexico. These murders were more than just simple executions, they were horrendous and gruesome. The Mexican government covered up these crimes with incorrect reports as to not only how many deaths there were, but evidence to support who the exact rapists/murderers were. Officials even went so far as to frame innocent people and torture them into confessing to crimes that they did not commit, all because they were fearful of powerful men with links to the highest levels of the Mexican government. Police officials did nothing to stop them!? Valdez wrote, “Mexican lawyers Mario Escobedo Anaya and Sergio Dante Almaraz, who defended two men unjustly accused of murdering eight women in 2001, were gunned down in the streets of Juarez.” Even journalists covering the issue received strange phone calls and threats.

    In all honesty, I could not even post this entry immediately after reading the article because it made me nauseas and I could no longer think about it. I cannot believe we were unable to interfere!? What was so scary about the dangerous members of the Mexican government that the United States could not continue to do something and put an end to all of these terrible crimes? If necessary, other countries could assist as well? WOMEN ARE NOT TOYS TO BE PLAYED WITH AND DISPOSED OF! I cannot imagine living in such fear as the women of Juarez do. I would most definitely develop serious anxiety disorders. Downright disgusting.


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