Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

“If Women Ran Hip Hop” Leon

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Leon’s article was one of the few positive articles that is in our women studies book. Leon talks about much safer people involved in hip hop would be because women would be concerned about there health and choices. I thought it was funny how she mentions that there would be free earplugs at the door if women ran hip hop. That is something that would actually happen because shows are just so loud and bad for your ears. I also thought it was cute how she states, ” men would be relieved because it’s so draining to keep up that front of toughness & power & control 24-7″.
This article reminded me of the one we read about if men could menstruate. I like these because most of the articles in this book are so negative and sad. Most of the time we leave the classroom feeling helpless and so small. However, I didn’t feel that way with this reading and actually laughed about this one.


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