Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

“Maid to Order” Ehrenreich

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Ehrenreich’s article “Maid to Order” was actually really interesting to me because I really enjoy reading peoples views about the subject of wives and housework. I can see a lot of peoples different points when reading or talking about this subject. I think that if a wife does not work and the husband brings in the income then the wife should do the laundry, dishes, and clean. However; I think it is ridiculous that men expect them to pick up after themselves and if they drop something we will “retrieve” it. The men should still take there plate to the sink, if they spill something clean it up, and take dirty clothes to the hamper. Women are not maids but if they stay at home I feel like we should do more than the man with cleaning. If the man and woman both work, I think it should be totally equal and the housework be divided because that is whats fair. I think most feminist would probably disagree with everything I just said, but I definitely think that’s whats fair.


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