Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Religion & Spirituality in Women’s Lives

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Chapter twelve introduces how religion oppresses and empower’s women, from past to present, and of all religious practices. Some women few religion as a way to come together and belong and some use their strength to actually preach the word of God to others. Some religions oppress women by making them submit to their husbands, and have no other identity other than wife. Even some religious teach women that it is “ok” to be beaten by their husbands, and that God will change their husbands since the women has been such an “obedient” wife.  Other women have gone as far as killing themselves as a spiritual ritual when their husbands die. Religion has been expressed in many different ways by women for centuries, and they have been discriminated against ever since. Today many women choose lend their lives to God and preach his word to people around the world or give their lives up and serve him.

For as long as I live I will never judge someone because of their religion, but I don’t think if I met a women who submits to her abusive husband I could hold my tongue. The idea being preached that women belong to men and should obey is bullshit and ridiculous. When two people marry they are equal in every aspect of their marriage. I convince a women that it is her fault that she is being abused and that she must endure it is wrong. Lots of women are naive but to actually believe that you must be brain dead. No religion or God or preacher will ever tell me I deserve to let my husband abuse me because it’s his right. YEAH.. ok..

I love the thought of women preaching. If I knew of a church with a women preacher I might actually start going. Every biblical story comes from the perspective of a man, which may be the reason I have such a hard time believing/agreeing with it all. To hear a women’s point of view would be really refreshing and appreciated.


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