Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Women and Leadership/ Eagly & Carli

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In this article, the authors discuss how women are typically oppressed  in corporate setting jobs, and that becoming a leader or gaining superiority positions in companies is much more difficult for women; also, the article talks about how women are automatically obstructed from getting anywhere higher up in positions due to a stigma in some jobs. The article discusses how lawyers work, how much face time and long lunches they have to have with clients, hours of social lives sacrificed in order to excel at their jobs, thus this exuberance with their job obtains workers with advancement. However, this extra time out of personal lives is much harder for women if they have family lives, and even more difficult if they have children. When corporations think of the ideal employee, an employee that can be on call whenever, work longer hours, the article says that this is always thought of to be a male worker, even if they do have children because they are not automatically thought of homemakers, males are always more capable than females. However, this double standard is hurtful for women’s career and very frustrating as well.


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