Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Deaths That Cry Out by Diana Washington Valdez

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This story is about different serial killers abducting young women and raping them beating them and etc. and after they do all that to them they will kill them. The police and everyone had no clue who and why they would want to do something like that anyone let alone young females. Another thing that was crazy was when they said that the President didn’t know what to do about the killers either because they really didn’t know where to start.

My opinion about this story is I really didn’t like it at all. One of the reason is I have some friends and family that were raped and if any of them would have die I don’t know what I would do. Another thing is how can anyone hurt anyone especially a women. I mean these women wasnt doing anything to anyone they were either walking home from school, work, or a friend’s house and for someone to just kidnap them and kill them that is crazy to me.

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