Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Don’t Give Up Your Day Job/ Heidi Bruggink

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In this work Leslie Bennetts is interviewed by the Humanist on her book The Feminine Mistake. During this interview Bennetts outlines the importance of a woman to keep thier job rather than quitting to raise a family. She encourages us that “the financial and psychological benefits of working outside the home are enormous.” Bennetts argues that “working women are healthier,” and that studies “show that multiple roles are in fact good for women.” Another great point she brings up is that after the ‘fifteen-year paradigm”(the first fifteen years in which you must devote to take care of your children until they become old enough to take care of themselves) that you would become, more-or-less, bored. Bennetts states that after this time it is hard to reenter the workforce and that even if you can, you wouldn’t receive the same salary that you would have if you had never left.  She said that the key to keeping your job and family life balanced is to not only find an understanding employer but to recognize that you may need to make compromises. This means that you probably can’t have the ‘extreme’ job that takes everything out of you, but that doesn’t mean give up your whole career.

One point that I really liked is Bennett’s ending statement: “nobody is going to take care of you but yourself.” Here she is referring to your financial status and career. A woman needs to have a plan to support herself. Bennetts warns that it is dangerous to depend on a husband financially. This is not only because you may one day divorce, but because he may die prematurely or lose his job. So it is best that a woman advance in her career before having children and then stay in that career after doing so. This way she can support herself and her children if need be.


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