Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Who Wants to Marry a Feminist/ Lisa Miya-Jervis

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In this article Miya-Jervis covers the idea of marriage for a feminist. She tells of personal stories in which people were surprised that a feminist even liked males and of disgust that a feminist could take part in the oppressive institution. Miya-Jervis contradicts both of these notions. She argues that the oppression that was present in marriage has been fought by feminists before us. So the rights that women lacked within a marriage are now taken care of; such as, women can have their own bank account, make our own health care choices,  and refuse sex with our husbands and prosecute them is they don’t comply. For the people who were surprised that Miya-Jervis even liked men, she replies that we must challenge the stereotypes of feminists. “And it’s the public nature of marriage that appeals” to Miya-Jervis. This allows her “to take a stab at all this change I’ve [she’s] been talking about.”

I liked the statement “Marriage, now, is potentially what we make it.” This is so true. If we choose to be with a man that takes part in traditional gender roles then sure you may be oppressed against. But if we choose to be with someone who respects women and our rights, then we can have a happy equal marriage in which roles are shared.


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