Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Miss Representation

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It is a shame that women and girls are put in a place where they are not worthy of powerful roles!  In this documentary “Miss Representation” it depicts the persona that women are not as capable or as powerful as men in the entertainment industry. This has shown that women are under acknowledged for their roles in films and television. It shows that women and girls tend to play the “dumb”, “sexy”, “nerdy” roles. This is a shame that still to this day women seem to get the crap end of the deal. This documentary has shown that men do think that women do great in the roles they are given but still do not see how they are being held back from opportunities. It seems that there needs to be someone to take a stand on this issue but there will always be this problem as long as some women out there is willing to accept any amount of money to portray herself as an idiot!


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