Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Religion and Spirituality in Womes’s Lives/ Ch. 12

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In this chapter the main idea is how women are not as important as men. The entire chapter talks about different instances that show women are not supposed to be as important throughout the church and religion. The thought that everyone is supposed to be equal in God’s eyes seems to be shattered by the way some religions interpret this theory. One minute everyone is equal and the next women are not able to be preachers in some church’s. It seems to me that religions are very condescending. I have always had a problem with most religions since they seem to contradict themselves every time you turn around. I believe everyone is equal and should have the same chances. Religion has brought down many people especially women! If you are a christian than you should believe in Jesus and go along with your life instead of worrying if a women preaches or how high of a pedestal they put their husband, GET OVER IT!


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