Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

“fear of feminism”

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In the article Fear of Feminism by Lisa Marie Hogeland, the paragraph that stood out to me was the one where she was talking about how womens bodies are used to sell a product. I myself don’t think seeing a half-naked women in some kind of advertisements will make me just go out and buy the product. I think the reason todays society is using  this tactic is to gain attention of a certain audience. Personally I don’t think that using the body to advertise a certain product; shouldn’t be looked down on. As long as it goes with the product, but some advertisements are used wrong such as, a half-naked girl on the car for a beer commercial. I feel that it’s not reason for those kinds of ads. Another point she touched on in this paragraph was that men most of the time are the violent ones in the relationship. I belive it’s not always just the man who can be violent in the relationship. A majority of the time its the women, but you never hear those kinds of stories. Therefore these stories never get told  to the public, because they are from a women point of view. Also because in most domestic violence cases it;s unusual for the man to be the victim.



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