Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

The Help

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I feel that the movie  “The Help” was a great movie because its show one that in that time not everybody was against are hated the other color. Skeeter was trying to get the world to hear the story of women nobody before the book had heard, from the helps point of view. I think it was a success, because you have all the women in the movie reading the book no matter what color they were.  two, the movie shows just how powerful women are together it statered with just Skeeter and Aibileen the it grew in out of all the stories made a book that was the truth about how they was treated and i thought the movie showed everybody who watched it just how real it was. How it showed white women talking to the help and treating the help as if they didnt belong in the world. The movie shows and it is said alot, that “the helps kids are rasied by somebody else while they are raising white childern”.I feel this is one of the hardest things the help had to do is be away from their kids to raise somebody elses but they had to to put food on the table for there family. The movie also shows not everybody acted the same like Sketter the writer she didnt mind talking to the help as if the where people and matter she loved hers and was sad when she found out what her mother had did to her, and millis last family didnt mind touching her or sitting with her she treated her like color was not a problem even the husband when he found out accepted her. I for one feel it was a good thing the book was wrote and then the movie was made just to show everybody how much women have over came in life, and it shows just how strong they are doing what they have to do to support them and thier family no matter how bad they got treater are talked to they stayed and loved the kids of the people that treated them so bad, like the one kid on the movie that loved that one so much she called her mama.


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