Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

we’re good at

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    The existence of androcentrism

    The studies of women make the things we learn about are from the perspective of women. By making the women as a subject to study also emphasizes the importance of women’s opinions. Although we have the right to vote now, is that really means that there is no existence of androcentrism in our society anymore? I really doubt about that.
    First of all, let us look at positions of faculty and administrators. Most of authorities, directors of department and manager in the school are men; there are only a few women. In addition, when a woman and men came to an interview, such as IT position, it is largely possible that the men will get the position. It is almost a universal sense that men do better in computer than women do. Another very important part is that the all past presidents of USA is completely men. In many corporations, CEO is always the men. What’s more, when a women marry to a men, her last name will be addressed the same as her husband’s last name.

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