Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

A Day Without Feminism

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This article was a very interesting one for me to read, and stuck with me the most out of all that were assigned. The author does a good job of relating to me and to most young female college students.  For me it really hit how much education limitations women had during 1970. I feel that I should take advantage of the opportunities that I have today. There is nothing I want more than to have a successful career and financial independence. The way to achieve this is to get an education that will lead to a job. I am glad that while in high school I was not forced to take home economics classes. Instead I was able to take classes that interest me like medical and science classes.  The classes I took in high school prepared me for more difficult college courses.

                I am grateful that I am able to attend college today. My grandmothers did not have the opportunity to attend college when they were my age. I feel more encouraged to take classes that interest me since in the 1970 women did not have that choice. I feel privileged that I am able to attend the college of my choice, and can make my own decisions for my life. Hopefully in a few years I will be able to afford a condo for myself, and on the way to becoming a successful nurse practitioner.  This article made me see that if it was not for feminism my life might be completely different right now.

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