Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

A Day Without Feminism

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To answer the question that the authors pose is feminism dead? I would say in some ways it is. We are not fighting for our rights anymore but are still being oppressed in a society dominated by males. I agree strongly that the rights we have now have come along way.  There is more sexual freedom; we have the right to vote and to be anything we want to even if there are obstacles to overcome to obtain it.  I feel though that something’s haven’t changed like the authors of this article have said it has. Women who have sex and are unmarried are still considered to be sluts. In high school we are all pressured to have sex and are thought weird if we do not, but when we start being sexually active we are considered sluts, mostly by other woman. Unwed pregnant women still get stares in the grocery store and whispers behind their back. Women are still expected to be the main home keepers, even after a day of hard work. Women are still portrayed as unfeminine or not good mothers if they want a career instead of the life of a homemaker. We still get over looked for jobs and don’t get paid as much as a male at the same job. Feminism might be dying but it should be rising up demanding equal rights. I think articles like this are a strong reminder of our woman hood, what we have accomplished and what there is still left to do. Feminism has indeed changed our lives.


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