Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Oppress Me

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In this day and age we have become so self-focused on what benefits us and our loved ones that we become fixated on our short comings, what we do not have, and what we want.  A reading called “There Is No Hierarchy of Oppression” by Audre Lorde, in the book Women’s Voices is centered on what women do not have, or what people of color lack, and what people of a different sexual orientation face. Every person in this world has issues that they can relate or blame on any of these things. Lorde says “Any attack against Black community is a lesbian and gay issue,” and “Any attack against lesbians and gays is a Black issue.” There are some strong victimized statements brought up that are so irrational that they become inaccurate to the truth. Saying that every person that is racist against the black community is homophobic or vice versa is so absurd, along with the fact that most people today do not think twice when it comes to race or sexual orientation. Why do we feel the need to be equal in all things when there will always be stratification in our lives? There is the possibility that we could be grateful for what we have and for the way we, as a society, have progressed in acceptance and improvement of these issues.


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