Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Women Being Oppressed In The Workplace

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In Marilyn Frye’s Oppression one of the things she talks about is how young women are oppressed sexually by not being able to be honest. If she is a virgin she assumed to be not popular or she must not be interested in men. If she is sexually active she is labeled easy or a whore. These same rules apply in a professional workplace.

The workplace is considered to be a mans territory. When women are too aggressive in the workplace they are labeled as a bitch or this must her time of the month. It couldn’t just be that she is a woman who takes pride in her work? Or a woman who won’t let a man try to take advantage of her in the workplace because they think she knows nothing about business? No it couldn’t be any of those she’s just labeled a hard-ass who takes her work way too serious and needs a man! 

The other side of that is how women dress in the workplace. If she shows too much skin she is trying to gain the wrong kind of male attention. Maybe trying to get that promotion? The office space by the window that just opened up? But if she dresses down maybe long skirts and turtle necks she is too uptight. She will never get noticed being Plain Jane right? So how are women suppose to dress in the workplace? If you have hips your dresses or work pants may fit too tight causing attention. If you have big breast your shirts may be cut too low causing attention. You may have nice legs and decide to wear heels causing attention. Really anything women wear will/can cause attention!

Women work just as hard as men except we look good doing it. We can wear skirts and still be a CEO at a construction company. Be a mother, wife, and daughter but still be a athlete, politician, or even a truck driver handling a 18 wheeler!



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