Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014


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In Peggy McIntosh’s writing, “White Privilege and Male Privilege” I think some of her conditions she had listed as her privileges and the inequalities for some of her African-American co-workers don’t pertain to today’s society.  For example, number twenty-four.  It states that she can be sure if she asks to speak to the “person in charge” that she would be talking to someone of the same race as she is, white.  If someone wanted to speak to the person in charge of our country, one would assume they meant our president.  Our president is African-American and I think that says a lot about just how much our country has changed since 1988, when this was written.  It shows not only that a person of a different race can have the authority to be a person in charge but also that the majority of Americans have voted and put him in charge.  While some of Peggy McIntosh’s privileges she listed still could hold true today, I think this one shows we have came a long way with racism.


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