Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014


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We live in a world filled with men. Big, small, smart, dumb, etc. But that doesn’t mean this is a man’s world. Everyday women are bumping up to a man’s “status”. Everyday someone out there male or female, deals with androcentrism. Gays deal with the battle of being judged for not being a “man”. Women deal with not being “able” to live up to the potential of a man. My personal battle with androcentrism has been growing up with two brothers. My brothers love to wrestle around and be rowdy. But I do not so much enjoy the rowdiness. Since I was not a fan, I was called a whimp, soft, or just plain old a girl. Women do not have to be like men in any way. Women are women for a reason. We have enough men on this planet to start an entirely new world. Which isn’t such a bad idea!


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