Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

A Day Without Feminism

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Being a woman in the years before the Women Movement, looking back and reading about it now, it was probably a very hard lifestyle but back then, but back then it was the norm for women. If the Women Movement did not happen, women today would still be living the way women did back then. I am a very independent and outspoken, and I know for a fact that I and this generation of women could not live “a day without feminism”.

Women had “social standards” or “rules” they had to live by and follow, if not, you were somewhat scorned. Women had a curfew and could not be out after dark. Women were not allowed to attend certain colleges and were not allowed to study certain subjects, resulting in women not being as educated.

If a woman was to get married, she was expected to become a housewife. If a woman wanted to have a career it would be a low wage job, usually as a secretary. It was said to be embarrassing if your wife had a career outside of being a typical housewife. I see it as women not being able to peruse their dreams and not being able to be independent.

A lot of things have changed for women because of feminism (thank God). We probably all know if we had a day without feminism us women would go insane.


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