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Love Your Fat Self: Self Love No Matter Your Size

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After reading Courtney E. Martin’s article on chapter 5, really made me think about how we do continue to have discrimination against bigger women. There is a difference between being bigger and being obese. Martin states many statistics of how many Americans are obese in our nation and how this affects us as a whole.

Being a bigger person shouldn’t be what we judge each other on. Many women are curvaceous and are smart, kind-hearted, outgoing and excellent leaders in our communities and our world.

Growing up I wasn’t the thinnest girl on the playground, I didn’t play soccer or dance like my girlfriends. I was a shy and sweet girl who loved (and still very much do) animals and wanted to play outside and paint. I was taunted by boys in class because I didn’t have long legs and wasn’t able to run as fast as my friends. As I grew older I watched other girls from my middle school become disturbingly thin and unhealthy because they were “dieting” or “not hungry”. I had no intention to stop eating or develop these mind sets, I saw (and still do) see food as a blessing and something to be grateful for.

Seeing my friends growing up have beautiful long legs, and naturally flat and toned stomachs was something I was jealous of for the longest time. It wasn’t until I was about 16 when I realized that I was given a beautiful womanly figure that I (proudly) inherited from my grandmother. My Sitti (Arabic for grandmother) still has the ‘hourglass’ shape like many women had in the 1940’s. She gave birth to 7 children and has obtained her figure. I still feel that spring of insecurity when I am sitting on campus and see the cute boys approach the pretty girls. But it hits me that I know on the inside I am a beautiful, bright and vivacious woman who is proud of the Lebanese figure she has inherited from her hero. 

I love food, I will never deny that I wrote that. Food is something that is a blessing because many people in our world do not have and somthing that we take for granted. But, because we have food doesn’t mean we should abuse our bodies and fill our stomachs with junk. As a woman, who has ‘meat’ on her body I say we embrace our bodies for what they are and treat them right. 


The famous actress and sex-symbol herself, Marilyn Monroe was a dress size 12, and was beyond beautiful for words. She too found it hard to be constantly sexy for the media and that was one of her insecurities which led to her downfall. Women now look up to her because she was curvaceous and strong willed.

Being healthy is more important than impressing some jerk in your biology lab; being happy with yourself is more important than anything else in this world.


Positive vibes,




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