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Oppression : Do we all Experience it the same way?

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This was from a while ago: For some odd reason it never posted


Although I have not experienced oppression like many women experience, I do believe that all women, at some point do have feelings and signs that they too are being oppressed. Andre Lorde mentions that because she is a black woman she has especially seen and been through oppression. I had to sit back and as myself, “Have I ever been a victim of such serious things like this woman has been through?” Granted that growing up post-civil rights and in the 21st cn. have a lot to do with it, I still ask myself these things. I looked back on my childhood and tried to recollect memories of being told I wasn’t allowed to do something because I was a girl. As a young girl, I would have cried and ran home, or I would have stuck up for myself. Being 20 years old, I have found the strength to fight back and to prove to the naysayers that I too, can do whatever I want because I am a woman.

No matter the race, religion, and orientation I believe that all girls and women can do anything they want/wish to do.

It was us after all who have been birthing children (without man’s drugs/man’s help) for thousands of years. They all sit back and say “oh man, claps to women for birthing children”. If they can admit to that being a hard job (which it probably is, I have no idea since I am not a mother yet) then why can’t they let us do as we please?

Not to get on a tangent of men being “sexist pigs”..I’m just expressing my thoughts on the subject of ‘oppression’ and why we are told what to do from day one.

Hope this first blog was interesting and some-what insightful. Many more to come!

Positive vibes,



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