Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

What is wrong in being beautiful?

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In the Reading Resisting “Beauty” Ideals, it is told that women try to be a certain level of norm in having fashion and beauty in this generation. Yes, it is true that makeup and beauty reveals the soft feminism side of a woman but it also states that she wants society to view her as a part of being beautiful. This also included how fashion is a factor in how women want to be with the world’s up to date standards of how women should dress. Fashion and beauty go hand in hand in showing how women express themselves and there is different ways in presenting themselves to the people and how they want to be viewed as. However, women don’t need to apply makeup or certain fashion on them just to be part of the society to be noticed. Women should do whatever they please and don’t need to be an ideal person that everyone expect to be, this is why every women is different and have their own way of elaborating their views on beauty in this world.


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