Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

The “Ideal” Body

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Today in class we discussed Chapter 5 which is “Inscribing Gender on the Body.” We talked about the Beauty ideal, and the way the media portrays the “perfect body.” In the chapter it says “beauty ideals is that such ideals reflect various relations of power in society. Culture is constructed in complex ways, and groups with more power and influence tend to set trends, create the options and enforce the standards.” I agree with the saying, when it comes to setting standards and different trends, it is mostly all celebrities or people with power that do so. For example, when Obama became president, Michelle Obama became the face for African-American women and other women when it came to supporting her husband and just being like the “good wife” as well as having the “perfect family.” Her style also became a trend, the way she dressed, casual but not too casual. Not saying that there’s a problem with Obama or his family because there isn’t at all but it’s an example of how power enforces standards and trends. Also with so many famous women having the “perfect bodies,” or the “ideal body,” when somebody gains a little weight they become the center of attention and is criticized because they gained weight. I don’t think that there is an “ideal body”, I think that women should love themselves the way they are. As long as you are happy with your self then why change.


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