Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Happy girls are the prettiest

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I want to post about the topic of body image that we discussed in class earlier today. It is true that society and the media creates an “ideal” image for both males and females. For females, it seems as though a slim figure, face make up, tanned skin, tight clothes etc. are some of the major factors that the modern youth consider to be attractive.

However, earlier at work today a young woman walked in exhibiting short, tight clothes and a face full of make up. My male work colleague turned to me and said “I’d love to know which man said that that is attractive, and I’d love to know why so many girls actually listened to him.” This made me laugh. It was funny to hear a guy say this because although I personally don’t think it is attractive, I always assumed guys did.

To me, this emphasized the need to ignore societal pressures concerning appearance, and to create an image that YOU like and feel comfortable with. Audrey Hepburn was quoted saying “happy girls are the prettiest” and I believe it! If a female is truly happy and confident in herself, her beauty will shine from within. And if she bases her appearance upon what she likes and not what others expect or think is attractive, then she will appear more beautiful and more importantly, she will feel more confident and attractive too.


Author: goffeh

I am from Birmingham, England. I am a junior here at ETSU currently studying for a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science. I also play for the ETSU women's soccer team.

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