Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Food for Thought?

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Just to make this exceptionally clear, I thoroughly enjoy playing “Devil’s Advocate” in matters of argument. I certainly hope none of you had taken offense to my former post. I think I briefly stated that I had planned to elaborate further on my feelings towards our society and the role women play within it. I concluded with an open-ended idea that perhaps we are a part in the true issue at hand. To be frank, I feel that, in most circumstances of women’s oppression, it’s predominantly our fault. Okay, allow me to explain. The birdcage that we discussed in the last chapter? It’s other women who hold the keys to that heavily barred cage door. We allow ourselves to be exploited, encourage it even. When a lady walks out of the house in a low-cut top, who is she more afraid of–gawking men or women whispering behind her back? Women are constantly being degraded by other women! We call each other names; we are the ones pointing fingers when another woman is promiscuous or unsightly. We are building our own cages. I don’t know a single man (this isn’t to say I can assume this is always the case) who treats women as badly as I’ve seen them treat each other. Women are vindictive, assumptious, and cruel, at times. Why should we expect any different from men when we don’t expect any different from each other? We don’t respect ourselves or each other. Sadly, we have one of the LEAST oppressed societies of women. And yet, we have one of the MOST body-conscious and unhappy ones. Does this say something about our nation? Does this say something about our perspectives? I know this is fairly short compared to my last post, but I was more interested in commentary. I want to know what you all have to say about this epidemic lack of respect amongst women. 

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