Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Overcoming the Ideals of Beauty

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Being ideally beautiful is demonstrated throughout the media in all sorts of ways.  It’s all over magazines, on tv, mannequins throughout stores, and billboards.  It shows people of all ages starting as young as even eight years old that girls need to be skinny and tall with no blemishes while males need to be tall, muscular, and athletic and that if you aren’t those things then you’re just not what society considers “beautiful”.  Overcoming what the media views as beautiful can be a very hard and time consuming task for someone, especially someone of a young age.  It may lead to psychological disorders even.  What it comes down to, though, is just facing the fact that what they portray in the media isn’t realistic and isn’t in fact what the majority of the population look like.  It’s much easier said then done, but what it comes down to is simply just rising above it and knowing what is healthy for your body and not putting your body through something that can ultimately do more harm than good to it.  I think that is the way to overcome the ideals of beauty and to be most happy with yourself and what you look like.


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