Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Protesting Miss America

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On September 7, 1968 members of the New York Radical Women group staged a protest about the Miss America Pageant. As the winner of the pageant went across stage they held up a women’s liberation banner and chanted slogans. The protest was broad casted on nation television, and in my opinion a great step in the right direction for society and women. They also threw “instruments of torture” such as makeup, bras, girdles, and playboy into a freedom trash can. This is a great symbol of women standing up to society and the beauty ideal it has created. Women should not be judged by what they look like and events such as the Miss America pageant, who emphasize the importance of looks, add to the oppression of women and further the idea that women need to look a certain way. Women all around are made into sex objects, we are constantly bombarded with media defining the idea of beauty and the “ideal woman”. I looked at some of the pictures of past Miss America contestants, all were very thin with perfect hair and teeth. To me Miss America would be a woman who is confident, intelligent, successful and comfortable in her own skin no matter what she looks like. 


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