Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

“The Cult of Virginity”

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       Growing up I always had the mindset what losing your virginity meant. I believed that someone lost their virginity when they had vaginal intercourse. After growing up and being exposed to different theories, beliefs, relationships, and people I have begun to wonder what, in fact, virginity really is. For a long time I was taking virginity into consideration only for heterosexual couples, not even thinking about what virginity meant to homosexuals or lesbians. It wasn’t that I was discriminating at all, but I just basing it on my own relationships. This story of what virginity is brings out many opinions from people that are each very different from the next. While reading “The Cult of Virginity”, it sparked the thought about how I never really have referred to males as virgins and I’m not really sure why. I always would just say, “Oh, he hasn’t had sex before.” It seems much easier to refer to females as virgins. The way I can make sense of this for myself is to compare it religiously to the “Virgin Mary”. I feel that virginity is always going to be a topic that is subjective and people need to be more open-minded, like myself, so that they aren’t giving people a label that isn’t deserved. 


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