Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Chapter 6: Health and Reproductive Rights

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The chapter 6 talks about the reproductive rights of women and how the women of color fight for their rights. The legalization of abortion is always a key matter of reproductive rights. Abortion is legal in most countries right now. But is that means that women truly have to right to choice?

In Some Africa country abortion is still illegal only with the exception of saving a life. In those under-developed countries such as Ethiopia, the reproductive rights are largely limited. Poor women do not have access to hospital care and medical care at all let alone the reproductive rights.

Compare to abortion in Africa, although Abortion is legal by law in the United States, the access to medical care of the abortion is still limited in some way. As discussed in chapter 6, Congress has also imposed restrictions on abortion care for women who depend on the government for their health care. Thus, a woman who cannot afford the abortion has no choice. The restrictions on abortion care potentially control the reproductive rights.

In China, the abortion is legal. But government makes some rules for controlling the population. One family is only allowed to give birth to one child unless the family members are ethnic minority. If family members are not ethnic minority, they have to pay the government a lot of money, which is unaffordable to most family in China. When the family cannot pay the large amount of money for the second child, they really have no choice of pregnancy and are much more likely to have the abortion.

Anyway, the reproductive rights are still limited by the law of the governments and some circumstances of the society.



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