Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

A Mother’s Touch

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What is a mother? It is someone who provides unconditionally love to her children and others and places her family above her and does whatever she can to not only with words, but with actions. In the reading discussing on Mothers, it describes on what the job a mother goes through each day and how they are different compared to fathers. Mothers have that special touch towards their children in being with them, and of course being the one that has given birth to their young one, so that attachment is very strong. Also, it is a tendency that children are more towards mothers because of the nurturing, comforting, and care taking that is provided for them. However, to a father children are more in the behavior of being a friend, since fathers are mostly gone the day at work so the connection between them isn’t as close, because women tend to be at-home-mothers and are always there whenever the child needs them. This relates to me, in how my mother is a stay-at-home-mother and she has always there whenever I am back from school or anytime during the weekday, compared to my father who is constantly at work. Fathers love with their heart while Mothers love with their soul. It is an unexplainable bond that no one can know.


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