Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

A woman’s reproductive rights

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After reading My Fight For Birth Control by Margaret Sanger I can see how reproductive choice has greatly improved for women since the early 1900s. The story of Mrs. Sacks is very sad and for me, it is difficult to comprehend just how helpless women were when it came to their own bodies and reproductive rights. It is clear that Mrs. Sacks lived in a constant fear of becoming pregnant, for the sake of her family and her own personal health! She even had the nerve for this era to ask her doctor for help regarding birth control, but she never received any.

I can’t imagine feeling so helpless and incompetent about my own body and ultimately, my own life choices. I agree with Sanger when she states,

“They have every right to know about their own bodies”

I believe reproductive choice should be a right granted to every woman and knowledge of various contraceptive methods should be available. To have control over one’s own reproduction permits a woman to live the life she wishes and be able to shape the quality and direction of that life.


Author: goffeh

I am from Birmingham, England. I am a junior here at ETSU currently studying for a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science. I also play for the ETSU women's soccer team.

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