Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Fight For Birth Control

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The reading i chose to write about was “My Fight for Birth Control”.  The passsage made me realize how awful life was back in the day if you did not have money or the basic necessities of life.  Mrs. Sacks had to make an extremly defficult decision of whether to keep or child or use dangerous abortion pills and techniques to keep from having the baby just because she could not afford it.  I think that this is an awful situation and no woman should ever have to make a decision like that based solely on if they have enough money for the child.  I also think that birth control should have been provided even if a woman was not able to pay for it.  I believe that if Mrs. sacks had been given birth control she would have lived and been able to be there for her children.  All in all women should always be given the choice to take birth control or not to.


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